21 Accurate Things Moms Know About Toddler Messes
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This is a super funny and true list of the things moms know about toddler messes.

It’s great to read this list because of course we always want to keep our toddlers in check, even when we don’t want to hurt their feelings.

So this is a great reminder that toddlers are little beings and they don’t understand our perspective, so we need to be nice about it!

1. Toddlers can’t focus on one thing for more than 2 seconds

Once they find something they like, they start pulling everything out of their reach. This can be anything from your coffee cup to your favorite shoe and even their own sippy cup! They love it when you tell them no, but we all know how hard it is to tell them no!

2. Don’t give them too much attention

Especially if you want them to listen to you in the future.

When we are too busy playing with our children, we have no choice but to keep them happy, or else we will get yelled at by them.

This is a very common problem among moms who have toddlers, so I am sure you know exactly what I am talking about!

3. Toddlers are still learning how to play nicely with others

As a mom, it is hard to keep them from touching or pulling on another child’s hair, but they just don’t know any better yet.

They are going to be doing this for a long time and we need to be nice about it because the next step is hurting someone!

21 Accurate Things Moms Know About Toddler Messes
Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

4. It’s hard to get toddlers out of their clothes when they get dirty

They just can’t get them off themselves, so it’s best if you just wash them before bedtime or on weekends!

And once you do put them in their pajamas, don’t make them stand around for too long because that will only encourage them to be dirty again.

5. Make sure you dry the toilet seat after your toddler has used it!

This is important because the bathroom is where they will be most of the time while they are growing up and they need to learn how to clean up after themselves.

It may not seem like a big deal, but this will come in handy when they are older and have an accident in public!

6. Don’t let them get a hold of any sharp objects, even if they are your own!

It is better to have a clean-up and avoid an accident. This will also teach them to be careful with everything they have and you will have less trouble with them getting hurt!

7. Don’t let your toddler play dress-up with you!

If you want to play pretend with your child, it is best to do it alone. They need their own imagination and we don’t want them to become obsessed with dressing up like us.

8. You should try not to worry about toddler messes too much

Because the only thing that matters is what the outcome is going to be for the next day or so.

When we try too hard to clean up after our toddlers, we are only setting ourselves up for failure in the long run because all we can think about is how bad it looks right now!

It is best if we just keep our messes hidden until they can be cleaned up properly later on in life!

9. Avoid diapers public accidents!

This one applies more towards boys than girls, but boys need their diapers changed regularly so they don’t have an accident in public.

We all know how much it can stink when a boy has an accident, so this is something we need to keep in mind!

10. Once again, just don’t pay too much attention to them!

We don’t want our toddlers to get into our medicine cabinet, but they need to know how to clean up after themselves.

If we don’t give them too much attention, they will start becoming more independent and not needing us as much anymore. They will still love us, but they won’t need us as much!

11. Let them clean up their messes if they’re old enough

There is a balance in parenting. It is like so many other aspects of parenting.

Just because your toddler loves eating mayonnaise doesn’t mean you should let them do it at home!

They are little and they are going to spill it everywhere, so you might as well just get them their own jar of mayonnaise!

And the same goes for ketchup and mustard; they should be eating their own food at home. This will teach them how to clean up after themselves when they are older and they won’t need you so much anymore!

12. There is a bigger number than 4

It is okay if your toddler can only count to 3 or 4 at the most, but you still need to teach them how to count higher than that!

If you think about it, they are little, so they can’t be expected to be able to count that high yet. You will need to teach them how to count higher than that when they are older!

Bulldozer parenting, to me, is worse than helicopter parenting. On the subject of bulldozer parenting, you will essentially remove every obstacle that your child might face.

You will not allow them to be hurt, discouraged, down on themselves, or fail at something. This is not a good thing to do!

21 Accurate Things Moms Know About Toddler Messes
Photo by Alex Green from Pexels

13. Fighting between friends is common

We want our toddlers to play nicely with others, but we also don’t want them getting hurt by other children.

If we don’t teach them how to play nicely with others, they will learn how to hurt others later on in life and this will cause a lot of problems for everyone!

14. Don’t try to accelerate their growth!

Just because your toddler is still learning how to read doesn’t mean you should let them do it at home!

If you think about it, they are little and can’t be expected to read that well yet. You should wait until they are older before letting them read at home!

15. Clean, clean, more cleaning!

When your toddler has an accident at home, make sure you clean up as soon as possible so the smell doesn’t linger around for too long!

This is important because toddlers can have very strong smells, so if we don’t clean up fast enough or just let the smell linger around for too long, it will make us feel sick!

It is best if we take care of their messes right away so we don’t have to smell them!

16. Don’t get frustrated if your toddler throws a tantrum

They are too young to understand that you can’t always get what you want.

They are going to be doing this for a long time and it is best if we just let them have their tantrums and learn how to deal with it on their own!

17. Things will be found

If you can’t find something in your toddler’s room, don’t worry about it too much because they will find it eventually!

We need to be patient with our toddlers and teach them how to find things on their own because we don’t want them getting frustrated by us constantly helping them out!

18. You should only clean up after your toddler if they are younger than 2 years old

They need to learn how to clean up after themselves and this is something that we need to do for them when they are older so they can become independent!

We also need to teach them how not to leave messes around in the first place, so this is the best way for us to teach them!

19. Don’t worry about whether or not your toddler can understand you when you are talking to them

Your child will likely not have the language skills to say what they want.

They can’t even understand their own language yet, so they won’t be able to understand what we are saying! We need to be patient with them and teach them how to talk on their own so they can learn how to talk properly!

20. If you want your toddler to learn how to eat more fruits and vegetables, it is best if you let them do it at home!

We don’t want them to learn bad habits in public because that will cause problems for us later on in life. If we do let them do it in public, we need to make sure that the food is fresh and doesn’t have any germs or pesticides on it.

21. Sigh… let’s avoid more cleaning

If you think about it, toddlers are still learning how to be clean and they can only keep themselves clean for a short amount of time before they start getting dirty again.

It is best if we teach our toddlers not to leave messes around so they don’t get too dirty in the first place!

So there you have it! We hope you enjoyed this list of 21 Hilariously Accurate Things Moms Know About Toddler Messes. If you did, you might want to check out more awesome parenting tips at Mindful Parent here!