4 Alternate Questions to Ask Your Child about Their Day
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Asking for their children’s day was one of several ways for parents to engage with their children. Asking about their day can be a way to involve the child in conversation.

It is also a way to begin building trust between parent and child. However, most parents are not aware of how they are using this question and how it can be an important way to have conversations with their children.

Here are 4 questions that I believe every parent should ask their child at least once each day:

1) “What did you do today?”

4 Alternate Questions to Ask Your Child about Their Day
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This question allows for some serious thinking time on the part of the child. While it is easy for children to answer “I played with my friends,” it is much more difficult for them to describe what they did when they were alone, when they were in school, and when they were at home (since home is where most of their free time happens).

When you ask this question, your child will think about what he did that day as well as his relationships with other people.

2) “How are you doing?”

This question allows your child to feel important and heard. It also gives him a chance to describe how he is feeling about himself and his day. It could also become a way for them to talk about the bad feelings they have after the day ends.

This way, you will help your children to not bottle up emotions, and you will also help them to have a safe place to talk about their feelings.

3) “What do you like about your day?”

4 Alternate Questions to Ask Your Child about Their Day
Photo by Free Photos on Pexels

Asking this question allows your child to focus on the positive things that happened in his day. This question can be used in conjunction with #1 above, so that he is talking about what he did and how he felt about it at the same time.

This will help him to become more aware of his thoughts and feelings and help him to process those emotions as well as learn from them.

4) “What do you want to change or do better tomorrow?”

Asking this question allows your child to see how his thoughts can affect his actions. This can be a very important conversation for a child who wants to improve himself, but does not know how to begin.

By giving your child something positive to work towards, he will begin on the right path and feel motivated by the possibility of success.

By asking these questions each day, children will learn more about themselves and others, they will begin to understand themselves better, they will begin making choices that are beneficial for them as well as you, and they will begin to feel like they are a part of the conversation that is going on around them.

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