The Magic of Reading: How to get Your Children to Love Storybooks
Reading Time: 2 minutes

For kids who aren’t avid readers, it can be a challenge to get them excited about books. Here are five tips to help your child develop a love of reading:

1. Don’t underestimate the power of the bedtime story.

If you’re trying to encourage your child to read more, reading at bedtime is an easy way to do so. Reading together is a special time for parent and child, and if you want your child to have a lifelong love of reading, you can’t pass up this opportunity.

2. Choose age-appropriate books for your child.

Just because a book is popular doesn’t mean it’s appropriate for your kid – or that they will even want to read it! You may have to be selective about the books you purchase or borrow for your children so that they can enjoy them and see how fun reading can be.

Look for books with bright colors and engaging characters – even if the subject matter does not interest them right now!

3. Start with short stories and picture books before moving on to chapter books.

Many kids don’t realize how fun longer stories can be until they try them! By starting with shorter stories, you can help your child get excited about reading.

Picture books are a great way to get your child interested in reading as well – if they can read a picture book, they can read a chapter book!

4. Help your child create a special place to read.

Even if it’s just in their bedroom, kids need a space where they feel comfortable and relaxed while reading. If you want your child to develop a love of reading, let them have their own special place where they can curl up with a good book whenever they want!

5. Provide opportunities for your child to practice reading aloud.

As much as possible, please encourage your child to read aloud and practice their skills in front of you and other family members. Reading aloud is an important part of developing language skills and making sure that kids really understand what they’re reading – so don’t shy away from this!