7 Fun Things That Will Make Potty Training Easy
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Potty training time is finally here. You know the saying, “it’s not how you start, but how you finish.” Well, it is true when it comes to potty training.

Potty training will be easier if you know some fun things that will make potty training easy for your child. Here are some of the ways to make potty training easy for your child:

1. Let Children Choose Their Potty Chair

Most parents can agree that it is much easier to control the potty if they are not constantly chasing after their child. Therefore, you should let your child choose the potty chair that he or she wants to use.

Also, consider getting a few different colors and sizes so that your child can have his or her own personal potty chair.

If you feel that it is easier for your child to control the potty with their own potty chair, then by all means purchase one for your child.

2. Make a Roleplay Involving the Bathroom

This is a great way to make potty training easier for your child. Urine smells don’t last long, so why not turn it into a fun game?

You can tell your child that there is a “potty” in the bathroom and that they need to find it.

Once they find it, they can sit on the potty. Then, teach them how and when to use it.

As time goes by, you can gradually make the bathroom a “real” bathroom, and start using it for actual bathroom activities.

3. Diaper Free Days

Using nappies (diapers) for more than four hours a day is the biggest single cause of bladder and bowel problems in babies.

So why not try a “diaper free” day now and then? It will give your baby’s body a chance to get used to not wearing nappies and make them more sensitive to their bowel schedule.

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4. Fun Songs About Potty Training

This potty training tip is an awesome one to know.

So, if you are potty training a little girl or boy, there are tons of songs that will help them understand the importance of learning how to use the toilet.

Open YouTube and search for “potty songs”. You can find plenty of songs to download. These songs are great for teaching children the basics of using the potty.

7 Fun Things That Will Make Potty Training Easy

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5. Show Them Cute Underwear

Potty times are not complete without cute underwear. Choose a design that fits the baby’s personality. They will have fun picking out the pair that they like the most.

There are many options available to choose from. They can be designed with fun animals, cartoon characters, and even sports themes.

Just make sure that they fit well and are comfortable.

6. Shop Cloth Training Pants with Them

Potty training is the first step in a lifelong relationship with the toilet. When your child is ready to try the potty seat, they will want to wear her new training pants.

Let them choose their favorite color and then tell them they can wear the training pants. Your child will feel proud of wearing them, which will help them transition from diapers to training pants easier.

7. Set a Schedule When They Have To Use The Potty Chair

Some kids are more likely to use the potty chair if they have a schedule set up for it. If you have a plan for when they need to use the potty chair, they will probably do it.

You can also add rewards to this schedule if they manage to go on time. You can give them some stickers or small toys to use as rewards.

If you are worried about accidents, then try using a timer. When the timer goes off, your child will need to get up and use the potty chair immediately.

Get Your Child Know Toilet Seat

Now that you know some fun things that will make potty training easier for your child, you can now get started on getting your child up the toilet bowl.

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