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Have you heard about creative studying break techniques for your child?

If you’re anything like me, you want your school-age children to be outstanding students and learn as much as possible in school. But that doesn’t mean they’ll enjoy studying to fulfill your wish.

When my kids were younger, they hated any school day because they were not getting what they needed from their teachers. So instead of putting up with terrible teachers and learning bad habits, why not change it up? 

Instead of sticking with the same boring ways of learning, why not make it fun activities for your child?

Here are eight creative studying break techniques for your child that will make learning fun! 

1. Play Classroom Games!

8 Creative Studying Break Techniques for Your Child

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Kids have lots of energy! So why not use that energy for learning? Playing classroom games is a great way to improve critical thinking and make a study session fun! 

These are a list of my favorite classic game: “Matching,” “Simon Says,” “Animal Matching,” “Hide and Seek,” “Telephone,” “Hide and Seek on the Run,” “Hide and Seek with Music & Movement,” and many more. 

Find the right one for your child by asking them what games they like or have played before. You can also download free games for kids on the internet. 

2. Take Your Child to a Museum!

Kids love to go to museums and explore! They will learn new things, see different art, and meet new people! 

Going to a museum is also an excellent way for you and your child to bond. In addition, it can be a fun way for you to spend time together. 

3. Take Your Child on a Walk!

Take your child on a walk or go for a bike ride around the neighborhood. When you are out and about, take your child’s hand and talk about where you are going. 

Taking a walk together is also an excellent time to talk about what they see and ask them questions about what they see around them. 

If your child likes science, talk about the different plants and animals they might see along the way. 

4. Go Shopping with Your Child! 

Children love going shopping with their parents! Going out with parents is also an opportunity to learn more about their parent’s daily life. 

They can learn by looking at the different clothes they wear or how much money their parents make in a day or week by seeing how much they spend on groceries, clothing, and other things. 

5. Go to the Park!

8 Creative Studying Break Techniques for Your Child

Photo by Сергей Дрозд on Unsplash.

Take your child to the park and let them run around and play! Going to the park is an excellent way for you to get some physical activity while letting your child run around and be free. 

When you are out in the garden, ask your child questions about what they see and try to engage them in a conversation about it. 

Conversing at the park is also an excellent time for learning colors and shapes by looking at different things in the garden and listening to your child describe what they see. 

6. Teach Your Child About Healthy Eating! 

Take your child on a walk around the neighborhood or go shopping with them where they can learn more about healthy eating. 

Take them to the grocery store or any other place where they can learn about healthy eating like fruits, vegetables, bread, and pasta instead of fast food and junk food. Eating healthy food is also a good skill for kids.

If you have kids who love animals, take them to pet stores or even zoos to learn more about animals too! 

7. Go on a Family Walk! 

Take regular breaks and go on a family walk with all of your family members at once! If you have older children, take them on walks around their neighborhood and have them tell you about what they see. 

If you have younger children, take them on walks around the neighborhood or go for a bike ride together. Walking together is a great way to bond with family members and create fond memories.

8. Make Your Child’s Learning Fun!

Learning can be fun if you make it fun! For example, teach your child how to read by using books with colorful pictures, write by writing their name, do math by adding numbers together, and listen and take notes by drawing pictures of what they are listening to. 

These things will help your child learn how to be an outstanding student! 

Now that you know creative studying break techniques for your child, go out there and try some of these things out with your child! They will learn more from these activities than sitting in class doing nothing but listening!

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