Best Potty Training Tips and Methods That Works
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A kid’s potty training process is an important and crucial stage of growing up. Your little one will have to face some issues that are not pleasant. And this is when you must help him to avoid these problems.

This article will be a great help for you in this regard. In this article, we will provide you a guide to toilet training and talk about some of the best potty training tips and methods that works.

Why Potty Training?

It is a good thing to have your child in the habit of going to the toilet. However, when your kid shows signs that he does not have an idea about how to control his bowels and use the toilet, it becomes a problem for him.

To avoid such problems, it is important that you educate your kid about how to use the toilet and when he should go there. It is better if you educate them from a very young age so that they can easily learn how to use the toilet without any problems.

It is also important for you to help them learn this skill because most people consider potty training as a very big deal and most parents do not want their kids to go through such a difficult process.

When to Start Potty Training?

The exact age at which you should start potty training boys or girls depends on the individual child. Potty training can start at any age and the earlier you start it, the better it will be for your kid.

However, it is a good idea to start this process when your kid is ready for it. It is a good idea to get your child ready for potty training when he is between the ages of 18 to 24 months.

If you have started this process earlier, you can do so again. However, if you have not started this process before, then it will be difficult for you to start it at a later age.

How to Prepare Your Child for Potty Training

You must first understand that potty training is not an easy task. But it can be done by following the right steps.

You should not force your child to use the potty. Instead, teach him slowly and make him comfortable with it.

Talk to your child and explain to him why he should use the potty. Tell him that this is a good habit, and it will help him to avoid wet clothes and bedsheets.

And this will also help him to feel more confident. So, make sure that you explain this to your child properly.

Make sure that you explain the benefits of using the potty and the bad effects of wet clothes. Teach your child about what he should do when he is on the toilet or changing his dirty diaper.

Make sure that you let your child know about some common mistakes in using the potty so that he does not repeat them again later on. Make sure that you teach your child how to wash his hands properly after using the toilet.

Help him learn about hygiene by letting him know how dirty hands can cause infection or other health problems.

You must also teach your child how to wash his face properly after using the toilet. This will help him to clean his face properly and will also make him feel more confident.

Teach your child how to tell if he has finished using the potty or not. And this will help him to feel more confident about using the potty and will also make him aware of his mistakes.

What You Need for Your Potty Training Weekend

Before starting with the toilet training method and tips, you need to understand that the following things are essential for this process:

You need to prepare a potty seat for your little one. This is because your child needs a seat that is comfortable and safe.

And this toilet seat should be placed at a comfortable height so that your child can easily reach it. You need to teach your kid how to use the potty before he goes on his first training session. So he will know how to sit on the potty and what to do when he sits on it.

Prepare dry diapers and baby wipes for your kid’s toilet training. This is because your child may have accidents while he is on the potty.

So you need to keep a baby wipe in his backpack or in his pockets. Aside from water, this will help him clean himself after he has an accident.

You need to teach your kid about bathroom safety. You need to teach him that it is dangerous to use the toilet if he is not careful. You also need to teach him that he must not play with his toys in the bathroom.

Potty Training Methods: Which Is Right for Your Child?

The first thing you need to know about potty training plan is that there are different methods of toilet training.

But the right method for your child depends on his age and personality. So you need to choose the right potty training method for your kid’s potty training.

The following are some of the best potty training methods:

One-on-one Training

This is the most common and common way to train your kid. In this method, you need to take your kid with you in the bathroom when you go to the toilet.

When he is still a baby, you can do this with him holding his hand. And when he gets older, then he can do it by himself.

Guided Practice

In this method, you need to follow some rules and principles that are important for potty training plan. You can use a reward chart or a sticker chart for this method. Guide him to use the potty at a set time until he can make a habit of using it.

Positive Reinforcement

In this method, you need to praise your kid when he does the right thing. And you can use positive reinforcement, such as praising him with words and hugs.

You can also make him feel happy when he does the right thing. You can also give him some special privileges or treats that he would love to get.

Rewards and Punishments

In this method, you need to use different methods of rewards and punishments for your kid’s potty training. The method that you choose depends on the way your kid behaves and what is happening in his life at that time.

If your kid is naughty, then you need to give him punishments, such as taking away his favourite toy or not allowing him to watch TV for a certain period of time. But if he is doing something good, then you can reward him with toys or treats.

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