Do Parents Influence Bad Behavior in Children?
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Do parents influence bad behavior in children? This question has been at the center of debates for centuries.

How can parents be blamed for their children’s bad behavior? We are constantly told that we are to blame for our children’s behavior. It is all part of the responsibility we take on as parents.

Many people believe that bad behavior in children is a result of a lack of parental influence and training.

For one, neglectful parents are believed to be the root cause of many bad behaviors in children. It is thought that children who are brought up in homes where there is a lack of parental influence tend to have more bad behavior.

Additionally, this debate is often argued in the context of how we should raise our children.

Should we be strict or lenient? Is it better to use punishment or reward? Should we teach our children from birth, or wait until they are older?

The reality is that a parenting style will affect how a child behaves and develops.

For example, a strict authoritarian parenting style may affect a child’s decision-making. In a study asked to students, those from authoritative families are more likely to say that their family influence their decisions (over other parties, such as peers). 

They may be more dependent to their parents’ opinions when they’re about to make choices, because they’re used to being told what to do and think.

How can I encourage positive behavior in my children?

Do Parents Influence Bad Behavior in Children?
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Regardless of whether or not parents influence bad behavior in children, it’s important that bad behaviors are dealt with.

The best thing you can do is to be a good parent. Being a good parent does not only mean being strict and loving; it means knowing how to teach your child about responsibility and following rules.

It means making sure they know what is expected of them, what they can do to get along with others, and how they should behave in different situations.

Here are some pointers you can do as a parent to improve your parenting. They will also discourage bad behavior in your children.

Give them Positive Attention

A crucial part of good parenting is providing your children with positive attention.

They are much more likely to behave well if they feel appreciated. Give them positive attention by telling them how good they are and what a good child they are.

Positive attention can be given through compliments, giving them special treats, or giving them time out from chores.

If your child gets angry at something, don’t get angry back. Talk it out with them to figure the root of the problem. If you find that you’re in the wrong, tell them how sorry you are for it.

If your child acts up in class, tell him or her that they have behaved very well and that they will get a reward for it later on.

When you do this, you’ll also give them the feeling that you care about their needs and wants. If you keep giving them negative attention, in contrast, they will have low self-esteem and feel like their needs don’t matter.

With a lot of positive attention, you’re helping your child learn to behave well because they feel loved and cared for.

Be Good Role Models

If you want your children to learn how to behave well, you have to be good role models.

Be a good example of how to behave in different situations. When you’re angry, tell your child that they should not get angry as well.

When your child gets sick, let him or her know that you are very sorry for it and that they shouldn’t get sick again.

If you show your children what is expected of them and what they can do when they act up, they will soon learn how to behave themselves.

They will see that there are certain things they can do to get along with others and how to act in different situations. This way, they’ll learn the rules of being a good person without having to be told about them all the time.

Be a Present and Active Role Their Life

If you want your children to behave well, it is important that you take an active role in their life.

Your children will behave better if they know that you care about them and that they’re loved.

Be a constant major role in their life. If they do something good, tell them so and show them how much you appreciate it.

They need to know that they can come to you whenever they need help, and that you’ll always be there for them.

They need to feel safe in your presence, and you should make sure they feel this way every time they see you.

If your child is sick, don’t just let him or her be. Take care of them by making sure they get well again.

If the problem is something else than sickness, then take care of it by taking your child to the doctor or doing whatever it takes to solve the problem.

This will give them the feeling that you’re there for them no matter what, and will make them feel secure with you as a parent.

By being a key role in their growth, they’ll have high self-esteem and will begin behaving well more often than not.

Tell Your Child What You Expect of Them

Another side of good parenting is telling your children what is expected of them. The best way to teach your children is by example.

Show them what is expected of them by teaching them what behavior is acceptable and unacceptable in certain situations.

This means being consistent with rules so that there will be no confusion among other people in the family as to what’s allowed and what’s not allowed in different situations.

This may also help keep your children from getting angry or upset.

Rethink Parenting Styles

Do Parents Influence Bad Behavior in Children?
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Finally, it is important to reevaluate your parenting style.

Perhaps you are strict and harsh, with an authoritarian parenting style. It is best that you tone down on this style. It will not only make your children feel insecure, but will also make them angry and rebellious.

Instead, give them some space and let them get used to being alone. By doing this, they’ll learn how to cope with being independent.

With good parenting, they’ll also learn that they can ask for help when they need it.

They will be assured that you’ll always be there for them no matter what. If they know that you’re always there for them, they won’t feel insecure or scared about the future.

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