How to Help Baby Makes His Big Move from Cot to Bed
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Moving to a toddler bed is a milestone that all parents are looking forward to. As toddlers get older, they need more room and space to play and explore.

Most parents feel that the transition from cot to bed is the most troublesome part of toddler bed transition. However, there are a few things that you can do to help your baby make this transition as smooth as possible.

1. Get Your Toddler’s Bedroom Ready

A good place to start is getting your toddler’s bedroom ready for the big move. This will help you transition easier on both of you and give your toddler more space to play in.

You can set up a cot in his bedroom for at least two weeks before he moves into his own bed. This will give him time to adjust to sleeping in his own room and get used to sleeping from crib to bed.

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2. Be Calm and Patient

This is the most important thing that you can do for your toddler. Try to keep calm and be patient with him. This will help him to transition from cot to bed as smooth as possible.

Try not to rush this, because rushing this process can cause a lot of problems in the long run. You should also try not to worry too much about the process, because this will only cause your toddler to become anxious and worried.

Similar to toilet training, your toddler will go through a few stages of the bed training process. It may take some time for him to get used to sleeping in his bed, but it is worth the wait.

3. Talk With Your Toddler About the Transition

You should talk with your toddler about the transition, because this will help him feel more comfortable with it all. Tell him what you think about cribs versus beds, so that he will be prepared for the change.

It will also give him a chance to ask questions, and you can answer them calmly. This is a good time to talk about the way your child feels and acts, too.

It’s not uncommon for toddlers to feel uncomfortable when they are changing their sleep routine. Try to explain about kid bed transition in a way that your child will understand.

How to Help Baby Makes His Big Move from Cot to Bed

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4. Give Him Choices

Give your toddler choices for his new bed. For example, you can let him choose which side of the bed he wants to sleep on.

You can also let him choose what colour sheets he wants for his new bed. However, make sure that no things in his new bedroom won’t injure him. You can provide bed guard for your toddler’s bed.

You can prevent any risk of falls from the bed by having a guard installed in the bed. A removable guardrail is a safer option that can prevent your toddler from slipping out of the bed.

5. Let Him Experiment With His New Bed

When your toddler is ready to move into his own bed at night, let him experiment with it a little before he actually moves into it.

Let him lie down on the bed and get used to sleeping in it by himself before he actually sleeps in it at night.

When he has a sleepless night, you can read him a bedtime story, give him a massage, or take him to the toilet to do his business. After that, you can take him to bed. This will let him get used to sleeping in his own bed.

A quiet time can also be very helpful for toddlers who are struggling with bedtime. During this time, they can calm down and relax a little. This will help them sleep better at night.

6. Get Him Used to Being on His Own

Just like potty training, getting your baby to get used to his own bed can be a big hurdle.

After all, he’s used to sleeping with you and your arms wrapped around him, which is not exactly the same as sleeping alone.

But you can do this by leaving the room, going downstairs for a minute or two, and then coming back up.

Start by doing this every night for a week or two. Then move on to going downstairs for just five minutes at first and then gradually increasing the time spent away from his sleeping space.

Also, make sure that he gets plenty of sleep during the day, so that he’s ready to fall asleep on his own when you’re not there.

How to Help Baby Makes His Big Move from Cot to Bed

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Take a Slow Step for a New Bedtime Routine

In conclusion, these are some things that you can do to help your toddler transition from cot to bed as smooth as possible. By doing these things, you will help your toddler transition from cot to bed at night easier for both of you.

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