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Children love games, both young and old. Sometimes, when children are playing with their friends or siblings, they can get overly competitive. This can cause them to have tantrums. Here are some tips that can help young children learn how to handle losing and playing games with others.

Explain what winning and losing means

Explain to the children that they are playing for fun. If they lose the game, they still have fun playing with their friends. Winning a game is not the most important thing. It is more important to have fun playing the game.

Give the children a chance to win

How to Prevent Tantrums When Playing Games
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If children know that they will win the game, they are less likely to have tantrums. For example, if you are playing “Hide and Seek” with a group of young children, tell them that the child who stays hidden the longest will win the game. This way, the other children will not get overly upset if they are out of the game first.

Play with your child

If you play with your child, he or she will have less time to get upset because she will be busy playing with you. If the child is taking turns, let him or her go first.

Do not play with older children

Do not play with younger children when there are older children around. If you do, the older children will show off and tease the younger ones.

Do not scold the child

If a child has a tantrum when playing a game, do not scold the child. Instead, move on to another activity. If you scold the child, he or she will be too embarrassed to play the game with you in the future.

How to Prevent Tantrums When Playing Games
Photo by Free Photos on Pexels

Praise the child for good sportsmanship

If your child has good sportsmanship and does not have a tantrum, praise the child. Tell the child that he or she did a good job playing the game and did not get upset when he or she lost.

Model good sportsmanship

If you are playing with your children, good sportsmanship is important. If you lose the game, you should not have a tantrum. If you are playing with other people, you should not be a sore loser. Instead, you should congratulate the other players and have fun. Remember, the most important thing when playing games with children is for everyone to have fun.

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