What is Tiger Parenting?
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Tiger parenting is a term used to describe parents who are extremely active in their children’s lives. This kind of parenting style is one that not only involves lots of rules and guidelines, but also lots of time spent on activities with the child.

If you are new to the idea of tiger parenting, it may be difficult to understand what this means exactly. The purpose of this article is to give you an idea of what tiger parenting looks like, and some ways that you can apply it in your own parenting style.

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What is Tiger Parenting?

This term was popular by Amy Chua from Yale Law School in her book called “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother”. She was grown up by her tiger mother with this method of parenting. Her parents apply a strict parenting style. In the end, the relationship between parents becomes awkward. 

Tiger parenting has been described as the exact opposite of the rabbit parenting style. While rabbit parents are extremely easy — going and have very few rules, tiger parents have many rules, and they are very strict with their children. They usually do not allow their children to get away with anything, so they must be on their best behaviour at all times.

They are very attentive to what their children do at all times, even when they are playing games or doing homework. This means that they have an eye on them at all times! This often leads to over-policing, which can cause problems in some cases. 

Some people also believe that tiger parenting is the result and effect of tiger moms, who are very controlling (parental control), demanding discipline, and harsh on their children. This may be true for some parents, but not all tiger moms are this way.

The way to determine if you are a tiger mom or not is to look at how strict you are with your child than your fellow moms in society. If you give your children many rules and constantly tell them what to do, then you may be a tiger mom.

What Are Some Characteristics of Tiger Parenting?

There are several characteristics that make up the tiger parenting style for children of tiger parents. These include:

  1. Being extremely control and attentive to your child’s activities.
  2. Doing everything for your child.
  3. Keeping a tight rein on their children.
  4. Behavioral control, psychological control, and demanding strict discipline. 
  5. The children should follow parents’ definition of success. 

What Do You Need to Know About Tiger Parenting Strategies?

Tiger Parenting and Communication

Communication is an important part of tiger parenting. The tiger parents did not believe in letting their children do things on their own, so they must be constantly telling them what to do. If the child does not do what they are told, then they may get punished for it. 

Tiger Parenting and Punishment

The biggest difference between tiger parenting methods and rabbit parenting methods is punishment. While rabbit parents often choose not to punish their children at all, tiger parents believe that this is a very important part of parenting.

When they discipline their children, they believe that they should be doing it as soon as possible after the incident occurs. If you are a tiger mom, then it is very important that you teach your child how to handle situations like this by punishing them immediately after the incident occurs.

Tiger Parenting and School

While most parents believe that learning is important, tiger parents believe that it is even more important than usual. When children are learning something new, they must learn quickly so that they can understand it completely.

They will often push their children to learn as quickly as possible in order to make sure that they are doing well in school. They will make sure their children will have the best academic performance with the best grade.

Tiger parents believe in making sure that their children always have fun at school because this will help them succeed better in life. They also believe in keeping up with their children’s schoolwork at all times because this will help them excel at their studies when they get older.

If you are a tiger mom, then it is very important that you keep up with your child’s academic achievement at all times. This will help them to have academic success, and it will also help them to do well in life. The parents just want better developmental outcomes.

Tiger Parenting and Rules

Tiger parents believe in having many rules for their children because they want them to always be good at everything and have certain expectations for children. They also believe in making sure that their children always know what is expected of them at all times.

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How Does Tiger Parenting Work?

Tiger parents believe that they need to be very strict with their children, so that they will learn how to be good people. They believe that this is the only approach to parenting to raise a child who will succeed in life. They believe that discipline is necessary to teach children how to behave, and they will not do anything to ruin their lives.

Tiger parents believe that if they do not give their children any rules, then they will be more likely to disobey them. This means that you have been told that bad behaviour is not allowed, and this is what has caused you to follow the rules as an adult. 

For example, if your child says something bad about another person or if they break a rule, then you will punish them for it. This punishment could be anything from taking away privileges for a day or two to having no contact with your child for an entire week.

Some parents will take away all privileges at once when their child breaks a rule, while others will give them one or two days of no privileges. Some parents will even give their children multiple punishments for the same thing. This can make children afraid to do anything wrong in fear of punishment.

If your child breaks another rule after getting punished for something, then you may punish them again with more severe consequences. This means that you could be punishing your child repeatedly without knowing why they did it in the first place. Sometimes the punishment can lead to child abuse.

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