Why Baby Talk is Not Stupid Afterall
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There are many reasons why baby talk is good for your newborn.

It helps them to develop the important connections in their brain, such as those associated with language. As they develop, these will give them the ability to learn more complex language sounds and words later on.

It also helps them to develop their communication skills – one of the first ways your baby will communicate is through gestures and facial expressions, but they’ll soon follow this up with babbling sounds and coos. And it’s all part of their language development. Baby talk will help your child to learn how to make these noises on purpose, which means they’ll be able to use words and sentences in the future even when you’re not around!

Baby talk is good for your newborn because it makes you feel more connected with them. It can help you bond as a parent and newborn, and help you meet each other’s needs – whether that’s feeding or comforting them when they’re upset or sleepy!

And baby talk is good for your newborn because it shows them that you understand them, which will help to build their confidence.

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Why Baby Talk is Good for Your Newborn According to Research?

So, baby talk might sound obvious – but when you consider that babies are born with very basic communication skills and that we all speak in a different way to our children, it’s surprising how easy it is to forget!

A study by the UK’s University of Warwick found that children who were spoken to in a high-pitched tone with a lot of emotion became more confident and outgoing as they grew older. And according to the study’s author, Dr David Reby, this was especially true of mothers who used baby talk – but fathers also had an impact on their child’s confidence. This suggests that fatherly attention helps boost confidence just as much as mums do!

The other big reason why it is good for your newborn according to research is because it makes them feel happy and safe. A study published in the Journal of Child Language showed that babies are more responsive when their parents talked to them using high-pitched voices – so this could be why they respond better when you use baby talk!

Of course, baby talk is good for your newborn because it’ll help them to develop language skills – as we mentioned earlier, but a study published by the University of California in 2009 found that babies who were spoken to using high-pitched voices were better at recognising words than those whose parents used a lower pitch.

So although a lot of us have been speaking to our babies this way all along, now the science is backing this up, we can feel even more confident that baby talk is good for your newborn!