Why No Parents Should Ignore Car Safety Rules
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Car safety is a very important subject for the safety of our children. It is equally important that all parents should follow all the rules and regulations of car safety.

The use of a child seat is the most effective way to ensure their safety while travelling in a car. However, parents should know that they are not always available at all places.

Parents must know that there are certain restrictions on using a child seat for travelling on public transport. In some cases, a parent can take their child alone in a car if they buy an additional seat and have an appropriate restraint device fitted.

If your child is still too young to sit in an appropriate child seat, you can consider buying a booster seat instead. This article will discuss the rules and regulations related to the use of child seats and booster seats on public transport.

Why No Parents Should Ignore Car Safety Rules
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Rules & Regulations

For children under five years old, you must always ensure that they are sitting in an appropriate child seat with their harness properly adjusted (belts/straps).

You must ensure that you do not have your foot on the brake pedal while driving (or reversing) if there is no traffic ahead or behind you, and you are travelling slowly because it could cause unnecessary danger to your child or others around you.

Also, you must ensure that you have your child sitting in an appropriate child seat (in a rearward facing position) in the back of the car. If you are travelling with more than one child, they must sit in the appropriate child seats in the back of the car.

You must never allow your children to sit on top of any door, sunvisor or other part of the car where they could fall off. The straps of your child’s seat should be tight enough to hold them securely but not too tight that it restricts their movement.

Why No Parents Should Ignore Car Safety Rules
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It is advisable to have a harness attached to your car seat so that it will keep them safely strapped in. It is also important for you to keep their safety belt tight so that they can be restrained properly while travelling on public transport and even if they fall asleep, they will not fall out of their seat while you are driving or reversing.

This would only increase their chances of falling out of their seats and could cause injury to themselves or others around them as well as yourself.

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